We’re Rob and Cindy Fox and we’re just like you. Normal people with busy lives, who enjoy eating delicious and healthy meals with the people we love.  But we’ve got better things to do than spend tons of time prepping ingredients.  The Rapid Slicer® is the result of Cindy’s frustration with slicing small fruits and vegetables one by one and Rob’s ingenuity. In fact, Rob’s first attempt at creating a prototype of a kitchen slicer in our basement worked so well, we realized that it would solve a problem for ANYONE who cooks or preps food.

Who knew that slicing a bunch of tomatoes or grapes could actually be fun!

The Rapid Slicer® is simply the FASTEST and SAFEST way to slice those pesky, roll-y fruits and vegetables! What started as a way to make slicing produce safe and easy, has evolved into a MULTI-PURPOSE TOOL that provides a safe and stable platform for holding a variety of foods while you safely and quickly in half, including SHRIMP, CHICKEN/MEATS and even BAGELS. Our most recent discovery? Use it as a press to DRAIN SPINACH or other shredded veggies. Goodbye green stained towels and colanders with spinach stuck in the holes!

Our MADE IN THE USA kitchen tool is made of high quality, BPA FREE, FDA APPROVED food grade material. Safety features ensure that the base grips securely to your counter top and your hand is safely out of harm’s way when slicing foods. So bring on that pint of tomatoes, slippery chicken breast or crusty bagel! We’ve got you covered!

We hope you love using the Rapid Slicer® as much as we do!