The RapidSlicer® is a fantastic addition to any cook's kitchen.  It is an extremely high quality product that makes cutting so much faster.


I have to admit I was skeptical but it works great!  We use it for cherry tomatoes, grapes, olives, boiled eggs, even bagels.


I am a gadget freak but I must say this one is very impressive!  I hate slicing cherry tomatoes and this worked very well!  Great stocking stuffer!

Rapid Slicer® Rapid Slicer®/Ultimate Serrated Slicing Knife Combo Ultimate Serrated Slicing Knife


The RapidSlicer®

This kitchen gadget makes quick work of slicing fruits, vegetables, meats, and even bagels. Slice them all in seconds.

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It slices them all

From shrimp to chicken, strawberries to grapes, olives and potatoes to tomatoes.  

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