Rapid Slicer® Four-Pack + free shipping!

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Because you need a Rapid Slicer® - and so do your three closest friends!

The Rapid Slicer® Four Pack includes one of each of the following colors: white, grey, teal and coral.

Ideal for gifting and passing on the magic of fast, safe and easy food prep!

The Rapid Slicer® is simply the safest and fastest way to slice a variety of foods in half.

Bring on the small, round, roll-y fruits & vegetables, slippery chicken breasts, other meats and even bagels.

  • FILL the base with food items
  • PLACE the lid on top
  • SLICE in half in seconds!

The Rapid Slicer® is Proudly Made in the USA & BPA Free!

QUICKLY and SAFELY slice foods in half, while the Rapid Slicer® holds them in place.
Slice a batch of cherry tomatoesgrapes, or olives - or anything small and round - in one go with the Rapid Slicer®. 
Slice a whole batch in the time it takes to slice one or two!
You can also use it as a safe and stable platform to slice meats like slippery chicken breasts into cutlets. The Rapid Slicer® provides a safe barrier between your hand and the meat.
Use it to halve bagels or English muffins, too!
  1. Fill the base with your desired food item.
  2. Place the lid on top.
  3. Run your knife between the lid and base to slice your food items in half!

Easy as that!

  • Patented design has non-slip feet that keep it stationary.
  • Lid protects your hand from the knife blade.
  • Holds 1½ - 2 cups of fruits or vegetables at once.
  • Lid locks onto the base for convenient storage.

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