What do you do with that summer bounty of fresh herbs from your garden?

So you have an abundance of herbs from your epic summer gardening...or maybe that farmer's market score was equally epic, but now you need a plan to use them up.

Of course you can make a boatload of pesto...but those herbs will be great in so many recipes, right?

Use this method to freeze little cubes of your favorite herbs and you'll enjoy their flavor enhancing power for months to come!

1. Mince your fresh herbs.

2. Pack minced herbs into an ice cube tray, each 3/4 full.

3. Fill with boiling water to blanch the herbs to retain their flavor and color.

4. Once frozen, pop them into freezer bags for storage.

Think of the possibilities! Oh, I don't know...perhaps a steaming bowl of fresh, flavorful, comforting tomato basil soup on a rainy or snowy Sunday day in December...yeah, that works. I'll take mine with a side of grilled cheese, please...for dipping, of course.

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