Taco's are Not Just for Tuesday's!

Did you know that tacos are healthier than most protein bars? 
It's True! According to recent studies, tacos contain 21% protein, 24% carbs and 12% fat. Fiber bar's contain 15% of protein, 7% of carbs and 18% of fat. 


A taco bar is an easy and affordable weeknight meal but also is perfect for entertaining. Who doesn't love food you can eat with your hands! It's easy to keep ingredients on hand for a quick taco meal. 

The possibilities are endless. Let's start with the tortilla. Corn or flour tortillas are pretty standard and authentic. Unless your a purist, don't be afraid to try some of those healthy options that include whole grains, flax seed and other lower carb ingredients.

Next, let's talk protein. Beef, chicken, pork, chorizo, beans, shrimp, and fish such as cod, tilapia, tuna, mahi mahi or swordfish are all great options. The key is to treat your protein with a flavor bath before cooking. Spice rubs work great for fast cooking proteins like chicken or fish. Marinades help to tenderize tougher proteins such as beef or pork.

What about the crunch factor? I like adding shredded cabbage slaw or sliced radishes, peppers, fresh corn kernels or jalapenos for that critical crunch element. 

A great taco needs something creamy to add a touch of richness. Avocados are velvety smooth and a great source of healthy fats. Yogurt or low fat sour cream based sauces with some spice, citrus and fresh herbs added are also healthy alternatives. And a little cheese never hurts either.

A handful of pantry staples and fresh ingredients are all you need for a satisfying Latin inspired feast. I encourage you to think beyond the yellow box and ground beef for your next Taco Tuesday! Or Wednesday!

Switch it up, try new ingredients and most importantly, have fun! I mean, we're talking tacos, people!

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