Slicing Bagels Is Risky Business - Use This Safety Technique

One of the most common reasons people end up in the emergency room is due to a BRI (bagel-related injury). It’s no fun to have your morning ruined because you lost the battle with your bagel. Never hold your bagel while you cut through it or you risk getting a giant slash across your palm!

The Rapid Slicer® is commonly used for quickly and safely slicing small round fruits and veggies in half, as well as meats such as slicing chicken breasts into cutlets. It's also designed to make slicing bagels safer. This video shows a rotating approach that allows you to slice through a bagel, while keeping your hand safely away from the knife blade. 

Now you can have one tool that allows you to prep a salad in a snap, get your chicken cutlets ready for cooking and avoid a trip to the ER from an accidental BRI!


Owner of Rapid Slicer, LLC, Cindy loves being creative with food, coming up with ways to make food prep easier and spending time entertaining family and friends in her New England home. 

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