Eating healthy can be difficult. Check out my go-to tools for prepping healthy meals.

You’ve heard it a zillion times…eating plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins is essential to good health. Whether you’re looking to make healthier breakfast, lunch and snack choices or use more fresh and healthy ingredients when making weeknight meals, fast prep is key. You’re more likely to make good choices if you have tools to simplify prep and save you time in the kitchen. Here are my favorite tools for simplifying meal prep.

Negg® Egg Peeler: Shed That Shell Without the Frustration

I LOVE hard-boiled eggs. They’re so versatile. They are perfect the breakfast food, great for adding healthy protein to a salad and who doesn’t love a good deviled egg for a snack, right? There’s one problem…I HATE peeling them! Until I found the Negg®!

This egg peeling device is a must-have for anyone who eats hard-boiled eggs. You simply add a ¼ cup of water to the bottom of the container, snap on the cap and give it a few good shakes.  The shell slides right off! No more fighting with the shell and shredded egg whites.

Rapid Slicer: Slicing Foods in Half Was Never Easier

I LOVE cherry tomatoes, but I HATE biting into them whole. And slicing them, or grapes, olives and other pesky, roll-y fruits and vegetables in half is a pain. The Rapid Slicer® is my go-to tool for getting the job done quickly and safely. Simply fill the base with the produce you need to slice, place the cover gently on top and run your knife through the center to slice them in half in one-go.

I use it for slicing meats, too. Chicken breasts are so thick these days and I find they cook more evenly when sliced in half.  The Rapid Slicer® provides a safe and stable platform for slicing those slippery buggers into cutlets, and I no longer half to hold my hand on top of the breast to get nice, even slices.

Shrimp is one of my favorite ingredients for making a fast and easy meal. I use the Rapid Slicer to slice shrimp into tender morsels for tacos and pasta dishes, too!

Spiralizer: The Perfect “Pasta” Making Tool

Looking to eat more veggies? Get yourself a spiralizer! I have become obsessed with making “noodles” out of zucchini, butternut squash, sweet potatoes and other firm vegetables. I started using an inexpensive hand held version and have graduated to a larger unit that grips to my counter top.  My next upgrade just might be the one that attaches to my Kitchen-Aid mixer!     

I seriously use this tool all the time. I make “spaghetti” and meatballs, all kinds of Asian “noodle” dishes and I add veggie noodles to soups. Veggie noodles are surprisingly satisfying and almost feel like eating the real thing…I did say almost!

What are your favorite tools for prepping healthy meals?


Owner of Rapid Slicer, LLC, Cindy loves being creative with food, coming up with ways to make food prep easier and spending time entertaining family and friends in her New England home. 

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