Don’t Be the Next BRI (Bagel Related Injury) Statistic!

In 2008, 1,979 people went to the emergency room due to a BRI (bagel-related injury), according to the Wall Street Journal. In fact, it’s the number one injury on Saturday and Sunday mornings and is so frequent that there’s even an insurance code number for it. This number is actually higher as it doesn't take in to account BRI's that went to walk-in medical centers or their own physicians. Bottom line is it’s no fun to have your morning ruined because you lost the battle with your bagel.

I think about this every time I cut a bagel. I tell everyone who will listen — and now I'm telling you!

Please, do not hold your bagel while you cut through it! You're just asking for a giant slash across your palm!

There are several bagel slicing devices on the market that will keep your hands safe.

The Rapid Slicer provides a safe and stable platform to hold your bagel in place, while the lid keeps your hand safely away from the knife while you slice it in half. The added bonus with the Rapid Slicer is it works great for slicing small round fruits and veggies (think grape tomatoes, grapes, olives, etc.) and shrimp and meats such as chicken breasts. The study actually found that chicken-related injuries were more common (with 3,463 visits)!

If you refuse to use a safety slicing devise like the Rapid Slicer, use only a sharp knife, preferably a serrated one designed for slicing bread, and use it only in a way that keeps your hand and fingers out of the way. You can buy a good bread knife for $10-$20 at or your local cutlery store. Never, ever, use a dull knife. They are the most dangerous.

Cheers to weekend mornings filled with bagels and NO trips to the emergency room!


Owner of Rapid Slicer, LLC, Cindy loves being creative with food, coming up with ways to make food prep easier and spending time entertaining family and friends in her New England home. 

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