Children Love Grapes! Are You Slicing Them the Right Way to Prevent Choking?


Most parents today are aware that they need to slice grapes before giving them to young children to prevent possible choking. Grapes are the ideal size and shape to become lodged in a child's throat.

What you may not know is that there is a correct way to slice grapes to minimize the choking risk. Grapes should always be sliced in half, length-wise so they can more easily pass through smaller throats. Never slice grapes width-wise, because they will still be big enough to choke on.

Using the Rapid Slicer® will allow you to quickly slice a batch of grapes correctly every time. The grapes naturally fall length-wise when placed on the base. The top lid secures them in place so you can slice through the center while keeping your hand safely away from your knife blade.    

So spread the word to ensure that parents and caregivers are informed about the right way to slice grapes, or even cherry tomatoes, before serving them to children.


Owner of Rapid Slicer, LLC, Cindy loves being creative with food, coming up with ways to make food prep easier and spending time entertaining family and friends in her New England home. 

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