A Sharp Knife is a Safer Knife - Get Your Knives Sharpened by a Pro

I remember in my late teens and early 20's spending time in the kitchen cooking meals for myself and sometimes family and friends. I loved gathering people around a table but cooking itself wasn't yet a passion. Not until I got my first really good, really sharp chefs knife. WOW! This may sound a bit dramatic but it truly was life changing. Slicing, chopping and dicing were no longer a dreaded chore. It suddenly became enjoyable. I had my share of nicks and cuts in those early years experimenting in the kitchen but that all changed when I started using a maintaining sharp knives.

If you want to make cooking easier and safer, use very sharp knives. A dull knife is more likely to slip rather than cut. Once the knife has slipped it is a matter of luck and reflexes where the business end goes. A sharp knife requires much less pressure and gives you greater control over the blade.

It's a great idea to use a steel or a sharpener at home, but once a year, get a pro to sharpen your knives. It's more affordable than you might think and will revive your blades as if they were new.

There are enough frustrations in the kitchen. Don’t compound them by using a knife that can’t slip through the skin of an old tomato. If you want to enjoy cooking more, get your knives sharpened.  If the person you love is doing the cooking, sharpen their knives. They will be forever grateful!

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